House Rules

Character Generation

Tales of Minkami uses a combination of Dungeons and Dragons 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and house rules.

Campaign Materials

Players may pull from all of the books in the “complete” series and the Player Handbook II. Material from all other books is not off limits but will require DM approval (This includes the Oriental Adventures book oddly enough).

Ability Scores

Roll 4d6 x 7, reroll 1’s, take the highest six stats.


start off with 2 additional ranks per level. Fighters would have 4 + Int modifier skill points per level (rather than the normal of 2 + Int Mod). This includes skill points at level 1 (so it would still be 4 + Int Mod x 4 at level 1).

Additionally each player chooses one additional class skill at character generation. This background skill is should be a logical choice given your character background. For example, a fighter who was raised by a noble clan could take knowledge Nobility as a background skill because it makes sense given the history of the character. It would make little sense if the same character took disable device.

TL;DR: one additional skill becomes a class skill that makes sense for your character.

New Encounter Types

Tales of Minkami will incorporate skill based encounters. In other words, experience will be awarded in situations that are not combat specific. There will be skill challenges where players must use their skills to overcome challenges. There will be role playing encounters where players must resolve issues with skills some social skills (bluff, intimidate, diplomacy) but mostly through role playing.


Experience will be handed out in a slightly different way. You’ll just have to play the first session to find out.

House Rules

Tales of Minkami (民神) Kenjirou